How to Choose the Right Color for Your Roof

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Roof

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More than anything else, roofs serve a hugely practical purpose. But your roof also serves an aesthetic
purpose. Depending on how your roof slants, it’s a major part of what passersby can see of your house from
the street. If you have a garish roof, even if it’s completely functional and leak-free, your curb value goes
down, as does your home’s resale value.

If you’re planning a new roofing project, then you have to do much more than choose your new roof’s
material. You also have to choose its color and ensure it matches your home’s current color and style. Below,
we’ll give you a few tips so you can find the perfect color to complete your home.

1. Decide if You Want a Darker or Lighter Roof

First, think on a macro level: before you decide which shade you want your new roof to be, decide whether
you want it to be lighter or darker. Don’t forget to consider your climate before you make the choice-if you
choose a darker color, the roof will trap more heat, which could make your home less efficient. You can
always combat this problem by adding better insulation to your attic.

If you live in a sunny climate, a light roof could help you save a little bit of money and keep your home
at a more comfortable temperature.

Of course, you can get the same effect by choosing a different roofing material. For instance, regardless
of their color, some metal roofs reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it to keep your entire home cooler. If
you want a darker roof, you can still get the color you want if you choose the right material.

2. Choose Complementary Shades

In general, you want your roof to complement your home’s current colors. If you have a slate blue or light
gray, you might want to pair it with a darker shade of gray. Black also complements gray and slate blue
nicely. If you own a white house, you can also pair it with gray, black, or brown to draw attention to the

If you have a brick home, matching the color of your roof to the brick might be trickier. If you don’t
like how your roof looks with your siding, you can always replace the siding-but you can’t change your brick
to fit your roof. You might want to choose a multi-colored roof with brick-looking patterns that are darker
than the brick on your current home. You can also choose a solid brown or other dark shade.

Whatever you do, don’t try to choose a roof that perfectly matches your home’s color. Your home will end
up looking monolithic instead of prettily unique. At the very least, choose a different shade or tone of the
same color.

Finally, bear in mind that the shade of your roof affects how big or small your home looks. Black and gray
make your home seem smaller and cozier while lighter roofs make your home seem bigger than it really is.

3. Examine Your Color Sample From Every Angle

When you pick up a color sample from a roofing store, you get a general impression of whether or not you
like the shade. However, your roof is never going to dwell beneath fluorescent lights-it will be out in the
open. The roof needs to look good under cloudy skies and their slant light as well as under full sunlight and
beneath shade from nearby trees.

Before you place an order on bulk roofing materials, take your color and material samples home so you can
examine the colors outdoors. Bear in mind that shakes weather over time and often become more muted than they
initially appear.

4. Think About Whether or Not You Plan to Sell Your Home Soon

Although you should have the final say in what color you want your roof to be, consider any future plans
you have to sell your house. You might love a vividly blue roof, but your potential buyers might not. They’ll
either move on to the next seller or buy the house at a lower price than you’d like. Remember that you want
your roof to boost your resale value, not lower it.

Of course, if you plan to stay in your home for decades, you might still need to consider how your
neighbors feel about your roof. You should still feel free to do whatever feels right to you, but you should
check with your homeowners’ association rules before you make any major changes.

5. Ask an Expert and Look Around

Still not confident in your color choice? Talk to a roofing expert about what he or she would recommend.
You can also get a general idea about which roofing color and style looks great on homes similar to yours
simply by driving around the city. Check out houses that look like yours and take particular note of the
roofs. There’s no harm in getting inspiration from past projects.

When you’re ready to get to work on your new roof, visit American Building & Roofing, Inc. where you
can get the supplies to craft a gorgeous roof.

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