Reroofing? How to Prepare Your Property

Reroofing? How to Prepare Your Property

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Your home’s roof is your first defense from the elements. When your roof wears out or becomes irreparably damaged, it’s vital to replace the current model with high-quality roofing materials as soon as possible.

Reroofing is a large-scale project that often takes several days. Unfortunately, some homeowners fail to account for the amount and intensity of work necessary, which can lead to property damage, delays, or even injury.

Whether you’re having your home reroofed by a contractor or you plan to strap on a harness and tackle the job yourself, you must first prepare your property adequately. In this blog, we list the fundamental steps needed before the reroofing begins.

Get a Timeline

Regardless of who’s completing the roof removal and replacement, you must establish a basic timeline for the project. If you’re going through a contractor, he or she will be able to give you time estimates on how long each step of the project should take.

Even if you are DIYing your new roof, you’ll need to check when you can expect materials to arrive, how long you can keep any rented equipment, and so on in advance.

Notify Your Neighbors

If your home is on a smaller lot or is located near the edge of your property, debris and building materials may fall into your neighbors’ yards during the reroofing process. The extensive construction necessary can also be loud enough to carry into your neighbors’ homes.

As soon as you have a timeline for your project, let your neighbors know so that they can anticipate any noise or mess.

Clear the Area Around Your Home

One to two days before the reroofing begins, clear the immediate area around your home completely. Your goal is to give any roofers plenty of room to set up ladders and transport materials to and from the rooftop.

This step also minimizes the potential damage to your patio furniture, planters, and any other items that usually stay close to the sides of your home. If you have flower beds near your home’s exterior, you may want to cover them and notify the workers so those areas can be avoided as much as possible.

Lay Cloths in the Attic

During the reroofing process, dust and small debris may enter your attic space, especially if your sub-roof has any holes that need to be patched before new roofing is installed. Lay drop cloths or plastic sheets to make tidying the attic simpler.

You may also want to lay protective coverings in your garage if the structure is included in the scope of work. Most garages have partially finished roofs that let in more dust than the average home roof.

Move Fragile Items

The work going on up on the roof may cause your walls to shake. With this movement in mind, walk through your house and evaluate the items near your exterior walls. Remove any hanging pictures, mounted electronics, and other valuables that could fall during the reroofing process.

Additionally, move your furniture away from the walls, especially items like china hutches.

Create a Schedule for Kids and Pets

Most reroofing projects take between two and five days. Once you establish your timeline as recommended in the first section, you should have an approximate idea of when your roof will be done. Use this information to create a schedule for any children and pets in your household.

The noise of reroofing can be disruptive or distressing and the debris can be dangerous. You may want to keep your children entertained away from home and your pets kenneled elsewhere to decrease frustration and the risk of injury.

If you do keep your kids and pets at home while roofers are working, keep them inside.

Find Alternative Parking

While your home is being reroofed, you won’t be able to park in your driveway. Not only could falling debris damage your car, but your roofing team will probably need the space to lay out their materials and park their vehicles.

Find a safe alternative parking space that you can use until the project finishes up.

Determine the Best Waste Disposal Method

In many cases, roofing contractors include cleanup as part of their service package. Check with your contractor to determine whether or not you need to plan to do any cleaning yourself after the roof is done.

If you’re doing the project on your own, you will probably need to rent a dumpster that’s appropriate for the roofing materials you’re getting rid of. For example, asphalt may be recyclable and metal roof panels may be too heavy for a smaller dumpster.

In addition to cleaning up the obvious construction waste, the cleanup efforts should also include using magnets to get any nails or staples out of your yard.


Use these guidelines to ensure that you and your home are ready for reroofing to begin as soon as your materials arrive onsite.

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