Vinyl Is the Real Deal: 10 Advantages of Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl Is the Real Deal: 10 Advantages of Vinyl Siding

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The overall appearance of your home's exterior depends on a number of key choices, including roofing material and color, color scheme, windows and doors, and siding. When choosing siding for a new project or renovation, many homeowners opt for vinyl siding. In fact, reports show that more than 30% of new homes feature vinyl siding, with the number constantly increasing.

But where does the appeal lie? Your first thought when you picture vinyl may not be a positive one. However, this modern material stands superior to many options on the market and meets the needs of thousands of American homeowners.

In this blog, we list 10 of the fundamental advantages of vinyl siding.

1. Affordable and Cost-Effective

Compared to other popular siding choices, especially cedar shakes and other wood varieties, vinyl siding costs less initially. Cedar shakes can cost more than two-and-a-half times more to purchase and install than vinyl.

Because vinyl also incurs few other expenses (as we'll discuss below), vinyl also represents a more costeffective option.

2. Durable Over Time

Vinyl siding can last as long as 50 years when installed correctly. The vinyl should withstand the test of time for this period even without high levels of maintenance, which accounts for the material's use on many rental properties.

Remember, durability relies directly on installation quality. If you have some experience installing s

Replacing Your Roof? Consider Upgrading to Metal

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Your roof shelters you and your family from the elements-and it safeguards your home and belongings as well. But if time or the elements have worn your roof down, you'll need to replace it to preserve your home's condition-and keep you and your loved ones safe.

As you explore different roofing materials to use, you come across metal roofing in your search. You may even start to wonder what makes this material such a good option for roofs. Below, we've listed the benefits of metal roofing so you can install a roof that provides you with the most advantages.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the best benefits of choosing a metal roof is its aesthetic appeal. Metal roofs can be made from different types of metal, so you can select a material that best suits your budget and personal taste. From copper and aluminum to tin and galvanized steel, you can install a metal roof that seamlessly matches your home's architecture.

As you improve your home's exterior with a new metal roof, you can add to your neighborhood's aesthetic and charm as well.


Traditional asphalt roofs tend to last between 20 and 40 years. Depending on the materials used, a metal roof has a life expectancy of 40 to 70 years often twice that of asphalt! Since metal roofs are extremely durable, you won't have to replace the entire roof as often.

However, just like your car, metal roofs can dent if large hail stones fall on them. If the roof becomes dented in some areas

Meet the ABR Yakima Team

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Meet the ABR Yakima TeamYakima Team Photo 08 10 2015

Pictured in the front (L to R) are Dan McEwen and Johnny Branton. In back (L to R) Noe Valencia, Shawn Copeland, Quirt Cornett, Jeremy Reynolds and Mike Ihly.

American Building and Roofing, Inc. is a family-owned company and our employees and customers make it successful. During the months of August and September, we’re introducing our managers and sharing a little information about them.

We start with our General Managers of each of the seven ABR Branch locations.

Our first interview brings you our Eastern Washington Operations Manager Mike Ihly; who also serves our customers as the branch manager of our Yakima store (pictured far right).

For twenty years Mike has been with our company and oversees our branches in Yakima, Pasco, and Wenatchee.  Mike provides both our company

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