Top Questions asked by homeowners

List of roofing contractors/Do we have “people” we can refer?

Homeowners consistently ask for names of licensed, bonded and insured contractors. ABR can provide homeowners referrals to local contractors who have a good standing relationship with us and have a proven record of  quality workmanship.

Do you have a showroom?

All of the ABR locations have an extensive showroom where a customer can see a 5’x5’ sample of the roofing materials in many colors and types. This is helpful when deciding which product is the best fit for our customers’ homes. We display all the products we carry in our showroom for you to sample and view.

Can the product by delivered to my Roof-top?

Many people want to know if we load the materials directly onto their home’s roof. We have Steep Roof-top delivery capabilities and can accommodate the tallest of houses. We have conveyor and boom truck deliveries for both residential homes and commercial/industrial buildings.

Is there a Warranty?

Customers are concerned with warranties. They want to know which company offers the best warranties, what is covered in the warranty, and for how long is the product covered. We have a wide variety of warranties based on the customer’s timeline and budget.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes. Our company closely works with several types of contractors: both general and specialty.  We are a wholesale and retail supplier of roofing and building products who can help you with anything on the exterior of your home.

Do you take Visa, Discover or MasterCard (credit cards)?

Yes. We take all major credit cards.

What are the delivery charges and times?

Prices are based on your exact location for delivery. Prices are varied but individualized for each customer. We deliver Monday through Friday but not Saturday or Sunday. Our showrooms and locations are open six days a week to individually work with each customer.

Do you do Take-Offs and Estimates?

We do.  We base Take-offs and estimates on the type of home you have.  If you have plans or know the dimensions of your home we can create a customized report informing you how much material your home needs.  This allows you to buy only what is necessary.

Do you offer special ordering?

Yes, we absolutely do! We can special order or custom order for our customers. Some buildings or homes require a custom metal roof or an unusual size. We work directly with you to get you what you need. We have long standing relationships with many of our manufacturers and can find what you’re looking for specifically.

Trusted Manufacturers

  • Versico1
  • asc
  • pablogo
  • polyglass
  • Monier
  • Malarkey
  • Milgard
  • Certainteed-logo
  • CM
  • Halind
  • Crystalite
  • ZZAF
  • Apoc1

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