Harbor Dr in Discovery Bay, CA is an idyllic neighborhood that encompasses a broad range of amenities. Strategically located near the water, this community boasts multiple possibilities for outdoor activities. There are plenty of bike trails, parks and access to the bay and rivers providing opportunities for swimming, fishing and boating. Furthermore, Harbor Dr features some of the best shopping destinations in the region; featuring high-end stores and local vendors alike. Additionally, there are great dining experiences available, offering diverse cuisines from around the world. All these features make Harbor Dr an excellent destination to live or visit.


Harbor Dr is a bustling neighborhood with a wealth of opportunity for potential residents. According to the U.S. census bureau, the zip code of Harbor Dr has 31,502 people living in it, and 58% are White non-Hispanic, while 20% that classify as Hispanic or Latino make up a significant portion of its population. About 8% are Asian and 9.5% African American with 14% of the population being Other Races. There is also an average of 3 persons per household in this neighborhood and the median age is 34 years old. With nearly 33 percent of households in this community having children under 18, there is an abundance of cultural diversity and families located within this area.


Harbor Dr is home to an excellent education system. The neighborhood boasts five local schools: Harbor High School, Harbor Middle School, Expressions Academy of the Arts, Roughneck Academy and Steveson Elementary School. Each school provides a unique learning opportunity that encourages creativity and self-expression while developing essential life skills. All five institutions have high rankings from their respective districts, setting young students up for success both intellectually and socially. Harbor Dr offers parents and children the perfect environment to foster intellectual curiosity and holistic development.


Harbor Dr is a bustling neighborhood that invites tourists from all over the world. Set overlooking the San Joaquin Delta, visitors are able to experience the beauty of natural scenery and seek entertainment at the eclectic shops and eateries lining both sides of the street. Tourists often travel on foot or bike to truly absorb the culture of the area and snap beautiful pictures of its stunning landscape. One popular spot is Ahern Lighthouse which offers magnificent views from atop its round tower. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a fan of fine dining, there’s something for everyone in Harbor Dr!

Overall, Harbor Dr is an excellent neighborhood for those looking for a diverse range of activities and attractions. From exploring the nearby wildlife preserve to soaking up the area’s rich local culture, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant community. Whether you’re looking to relax outdoors or discover something new, Harbor Dr has plenty of opportunities to offer. With its impressive views and friendly locals, it’s no wonder why so many people have fallen in love with this unique setting.


In addition, if you’re looking for a friendly community, The Lakes is an ideal choice. With its quiet parks, tree-lined streets and diverse population, it offers something for everyone. It’s known for its close proximity to the San Francisco Bay and BART station, making it the perfect place for commuters. Plus, you can take advantage of excellent schools, quality shopping centers and a variety of casual and fine dining options nearby. If you appreciate a vibrant community with plenty to explore all day long, The Lakes will surely feel like coming home!

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