The Lakes, located in Discovery Bay, California is a highly sought-after neighborhood. It offers residents scenic beauty and luxurious amenities. At The Lakes, one can find gorgeous homes with large windows to enjoy the stunning views of California’s natural wonders including the surrounding foothills and rolling hills. One can also revel in nearby city attractions such as golf courses, parks, restaurants and more. The Lakes has something for everyone, making it the ideal destination for individuals and families alike who are seeking an upscale lifestyle. With its modern infrastructure and peaceful atmosphere this neighborhood always finds itself among those at the top of people’s wish lists when looking for the perfect place to call home.


The Lakes, an upscale luxury community with about 600 homes, a diverse and interesting neighborhood boasting a diverse population of both renters and homeowners. The demographic data from 2018 shows that 53% identified as White and 28% as Asian followed by 12% Hispanic or Latino and 7% African/African American. The median age here is 43 years old with a median household income estimated at $137,700. With two lakes in the center, the neighborhood has access to the Delta waterways and offers many amenities such as tennis courts, volleyball court, swimming pools, covered BBQ Islands and social events such as family day parades or garden tours. It is a beautiful location that many appreciate for its diversity, convenience to shops and services, quality of homes and proximity to San Francisco Bay Area attractions.


Education remains an important part of life in The Lakes, a family-friendly neighborhood. With two elementary schools and one middle school, there are plenty of options for parents to enroll their children in quality education. Parents can also consider the many daycares in the area that provide quality child care. For those seeking higher education opportunities, the local community college is nearby and offers vocational courses from basic skills training to specialty programs. With an abundance of educational opportunities only a few minutes away, The Lakes neighborhood is an ideal spot to start or raise a family that values learning.


The Lakes, a picturesque neighborhood, boasts incredible views and miles of waterfront, making it an exciting destination for tourists all year round. Locals enjoy the plethora of activities, from sailing and kayaking to hiking the many trails that crisscross the foothills of Mt. Diablo. Of course, no trip is complete without time spent exploring beautiful Lake Maddy or fishing for bass in Lake Don Pedro! With such an amazing panoramic landscape and wide array of leisure activities readily available in one area, tourism in The Lakes offers tourists a unique opportunity to explore nature while also indulging a variety of hobbies.

The Lakes is a wonderful place to live. Overall, the area offers lots of recreation and fresh air with its numerous natural attractions such as its walking trails, small lakes and parks. Its close proximity to public transportation services also makes commuting around the city easy. The community has a great vibe and there are plenty of resources available for its residents like schools and shopping centers. Overall, The Lakes is an impressive neighborhood with plenty to offer anyone wishing to settle there.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a place to live, Timber Point is an excellent choice. Situated along the San Joaquin River and east of Highway 4, this community offers gorgeous hillside views and stunning sunsets. Bordered by open space and rolling hills, you can find peace and tranquility as well as an outdoor playground to enjoy nature. With its convenient location near schools, shopping centers, and other amenities, residents can access all the necessities without leaving their neighborhood. If you are looking for a safe and friendly environment for your family to call home, Timber Point is worth considering!

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